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Guide To Diabetes - A resource page for Diabetes patients and their families.

Ever need to contact your Congressman or Senator? Here are a couple of places to start For Senators try and for Congressmen try

Impact Online - A page full of Diability Links, for Students, Independent Living centers, and Disability Rights.

Ian Gregson's "The Amputee Home Page". This is Ian Gregson's amputee home page. Information for joining the amputee listserve, the amputee E-zine, and other interesting and informative bits of information.

The Amputee Treatment Center. This site offers information for the amputee as well as products that they sell and services that they offer. (This is not an endorsement of their products or services, we have never tried them).

Orthotics and Prosthetics Online. The Internet Resource for Orthotics and Prosthetics Information.

Johns Hopkins Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation An amputee specialty clinic is conducted at Good Samaritan Hospital on the first Monday of each month. This interdisciplinary clinic is staffed by a nurse, a physical therapist, a prosthetist/orthotist, and a physiatrist who work together to optimize the care of amputees and patients with special orthotic needs.

Americans With Disabilities Act Document Center The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is not a job placement service, but an international toll-free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations and the employability of people with disabilities. JAN also provides information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Please take a few moments to surf around and find out about our free services

Untangling the Web This comprehensive list of Disability-Related Web sites is maintained by Steven L. Fullmer at the West Virginia Rehabilitation Research & Training Center. This page was last edited on December 15, 1996. Some web pages and gophers may not be available due to network traffic or may no longer be in operation.

Amputee Information Resource Center Alvin C. Pike, C.P. I am a board certified prosthetist with a philosophy of total amputee rehabilitation service. Having served honorably in the United States Air Force (SAC). I relocated to Chicago, Illinois to begin a career in prosthetics by attending Chicago City College and Northwestern University Medical School.

Hosmer's Prosthetics We have implemented this internet resource to enhance our communication with those interested in the orthotics & prosthetics field such as allied health professionals, patients, and others.


E-mail Lists

Amp-L Amputee listserv

This list was created in March 1996 by people who wanted a forum to express ideas relating to amputation. Subscribers will determine the content and topics suitable for discussion. Use of the delete key is recommended for any post found offensive or not to be of interest. Personal attacks are verboten.

The moderator is a R) BK amputee resulting from a motorcycle accident 1969. Since that time he has taken an active interest in issues relating to amputation and hopes to participate in a forum that discusses the amputee experience from many different perspectives.


To subscribe to AMP-L
Send an email message


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To send a message to the list, simply sent it to and your message will be automatically relayed to everyone on the list (including yourself) as quickly as possible, sometime immediately. The exact time frame will vary, depending on the size of the list or how busy the internet is at the time of posting. Any message posted to the list from any subscriber will likewise be mailed to you.

If you have any questions concerning this list, please contact: Wayne Renardson
1113 Woodvale Drive
Nashville, TN 37204-3940
(615) 292-2153 voice/fax


Amputee Listserv

Located at St. Johns University, Queens, New York,.

The Amputee Listserv fosters communication between amputees, prosthetists, family members, children etc. (the goals of the home page and the listserv are basically the same).

To subscribe to the Amputee Listserv:

Send email to:

subject: leave blank

message: subscribe amputee (your name)

Please note: DEVOTEES and ANONYMOUS subcribers
are not welcome on the Amputee Listserv.


Just Do It (For college-bound people living with disabilities)


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