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Joni is a Right above knee amputee as a result of a gun shot wound from her Ex-husband. Because of this she wanted to set up an area on the Web which would help other amputees adapt as well as victims of abuse. Abuse comes in many forms, it can be physical, emotional, or mental abuse.

Joni has appeared on many news stories, TV talk shows, Radio Shows, Testified before Congress and Chaired on the board of directors of the Children's Safety Center. She has also given many speeches about abuse and also to promote laws against Hand Gun violence. She has testified for a bill in Minnesota giving the victim certain rights in visitation cases when the parent/parents is/are an abuser.

Joni is also a mother of 2 teenage children who also suffered the same abuse she did. Joni also lost her 1st child at 4 months old due to birth complications so she knows about death, grief, and survival.

Joni would like to try and provide information to you based on her personal experiences as an amputee, a prosthetic customer, and a victim of abuse. Joni also has an AAS Degree in Criminal Justice.

There are also Discussion groups available on this site for Amputee issues, Prosthetic Issues, and Abuse issues. Have you ever bought a prosthesis and not received what you paid for? Are you having problems getting a comfortable Prosthesis? Hopefully through discussions we can share our Ideas or just be able to talk to someone who has been there and not just read it from a book. Someone you and your family and friends can relate to and will listen to your feelings.




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